May 25, 2016

Jaime Lewis: Making A Case For Edibles

As cannabis enters the mainstream, our entire society is beginning to understand the many positive effects of cannabis. We fought for decades to bring the truth about …

May 17, 2016

National Cannabis Industry Association Announces New Board

The incumbents who were reelected include John Davis, Troy Dayton, Etienne Fontan, Aaron Justis, Kris Krane, Jaime Lewis, Lance Ott, Erich Pearson and Ean Seeb. The eleven directors …

April 30, 2016

Mtn Meds Honey Stix Featured in Mashable

6 Cannabis Products That Claim To Ease Menstrual Pain According to High Times, while edibles deliver a smaller amount of THC, they become a more powerful version of the chemical and affect …

April 1, 2015

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble At The Arm Wrestling!

Read the Original MPP post here. For years, MPP’s Rob Kampia has been talking a big game about his arm-wrestling prowess, but he has shown little evidence …

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