Head’s Up, Herd!

April 14, 2017
The Denver Department of Environmental Health recently issued the largest voluntary recall of products ever due to potential contamination at one cultivation.
As Mama Goat always says, “Safe goats make for a happy herd.” So be a wise billy and check your medical product labels. If you happen to have your hooves on products from OPC numbers 403-01116, 403-01118, 403-01122, and 403-01447 and production batch numbers CD17D and CD17F, please safely dispose of them out of grazing range of children, pets, and hungry goats.
As always, if you have a question or just need to say “bahhhhh!”, email us at info@mtnmeds.com.
From our entire herd, thank you for getting your goat on with us. We love you from hooves to horns with all our hearts!

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