Jaime Lewis

Vice President-Business Development
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Jaime Lewis has more than nine years of experienCe managing the production of medical marijuana-infused products (MIP), as well as all facets of managing and operating a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary. A California Culinary Academy graduate, she’s worked in many highly-acclaimed kitchens, including serving as the executive chef of a Michelin-rated three-star restaurant in San Francisco.
She began creating medical marijuana edibles for HIV/AIDS patients in California in 2006 as part of the Elmar Lins Compassion Co-op. Further, she advised the San Francisco health department on proper food handling procedures for medical marijuana edibles manufacturing in the City and County of San Francisco.
In 2009, Jaime moved to Colorado and founded Mountain Medicine, a medical marijuana-infused product manufacturer that is now an operating company of Good Chemistry Colorado. The manufacturer supplies high-quality medical and recreational marijuana edibles and products to Good Chemistry Colorado, in addition to a number of dispensaries throughout the state. As the founder and executive chef, Jaime designed the commercial kitchen and supervised its start-to-finish construction. She developed recipes leading to a variety of product lines to meet patients’ individual needs and developed product packaging that favors discreet design on behalf of patient confidentiality and safety.
As the vice president of business development for Good Chemistry, Jaime is responsible for strategic planning and business development, policy development and governmental affairs, and marketing and serves as the community liaison to demonstrate good corporate citizenship. Further, she oversees education initiatives for patients, physicians and customers, as well as analyzing patient and customer surveys to compile information on medicinal and recreational characteristics and the efficacy of marijuana strains.