Mountain Medicine Bites Included in 2015 High Times US Cannabis Cup Denver’s Top 15 Edibles

April 28, 2015

All four of Mountain Medicine’s recreational Bites received honorable mentions at the 2015 High Times US Cannabis Cup in Denver. The Milk Chocolate Caramel Bite, Mint Cookies & Cream Bite, Sea Salted Dark Chocolate Bite and Chocolate Coconut Bite were all included in the Cup’s competitive review.¬†Here’s an excerpt from the story:

“Each different flavor from Mountain Medicine arrived in new pharmaceutical grade packaging that isolates 10 mg THC per serving in a little button-sized blister pack that must be popped out according to the directions. The new stoner-proof packaging is aimed at preventing accidental ingestion and should be an effective way to make eating cannabis safer for new users. The new packaging was spot on, and we appreciate Mountain Medicine being proactive about cannabis safety.”

Read the full story at High Times.

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