Mountain Medicine’s Jaime Lewis included in High Times’ “Marijuana Mavens” feature

April 14, 2015

Our very own Jaime Lewis was featured in High Times as one of several important women who have broken through the “grass ceiling” to enter the cannabis business.

While bright young women like Langston strive to end the harms of prohibition in the heartland, long-time activist and Colorado businessperson Jaime Lewis is expanding her Mountain Medicine edibles company, after working for the past five years to establish Good Chemistry, a successful retail cannabis store. Chairperson of the Cannabis Business Alliance, Lewis said “some of us cannabis queens have been fighting this fight before it was pretty” and hopes that new businesses will understand the immense responsibility involved in marketing, advertising and educating the public about cannabis.

“Using women as sex objects to help sell and promote the product has added a layer of stigma attached to those of us in the industry who are running companies and trying to promote responsible consumption,” Lewis said. “We’re pulling this product out of the black market, so having those tacky advertisements doesn’t help any of us.”

Read the full story at High Times here.

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