Testing Our Edibles: How Do We Know the Amount of THC in Each Product?

May 31, 2015

We often get asked the question, “How can you really know the amount of THC in each edible?” While it’s a great question, the answer can be a little complicated. Across the industry, the amount of THC in each product varies slightly, but we’re all working hard to make sure you’re ingesting exactly what our package claims.

In May 2014, Colorado began a mandatory lab-testing program for recreational marijuana edibles, asking the companies making the infused products to test each batch for potency. This program was the direct result of an eye-opening independent Denver Post study published in March 2014 which found that each of the edibles tested had a vast range of edible potency. This was a huge problem—one that could lead not only to health and safety issues, but to legal troubles as well. Testing marijuana edibles has been an elusive process from the start, but throughout the last two years more and more regulations have been put into place to ensure our industry is fulfilling the promises made on our packaged goods. The Post issued a follow up report in April 2015 that showed improvement among the industry, but still a considerable amount of variance.

Image via USAToday.com.

Image via USAToday.com.

The Colorado Medical and Retail Marijuana industries are currently licensed and regulated by the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED). It implements legislation, develops rules for us to follow, conducts background investigations, issues licenses and enforces compliance mandates to keep everyone in check. However, testing is one issue the industry can’t manage to agree upon. There is no centralized lab that conducts all the testing (it’s usually contracted out by the MED or conducted internally by the edible companies or interested third parties) and the testing itself continues to produce inconsistent results.

At Mountain Meds, ensuring your edibles are properly dispensed is our top priority. We have recently implemented new packaging and testing procedures which have led to a 10 percent reduction in the margin of error on our THC labeling.

AgriCor-Logo-Horizontal-HighRes-TMWe mange to maintain our THC consistency by testing with only one lab: Agricor Labs. We maintain constant communication with their expert team and run R&D on a regular basis to make sure we have and maintain consistent test results. It allows us to have as little variance as possible until the day when labs get a State lab on board to check variances across the industry.

Mountain Meds' Magnificent Sea Salted Dark Chocolate Bites sporting the new, MED compliant, 10 mg blister packaging.

Mountain Meds’ Magnificent Sea Salted Dark Chocolate Bites sport the new, MED compliant blister packaging. Each serving contains 10 mg active THC.

Our new blister packaging, first introduced in January 2015, ensures each serving of your Mountain Meds edible complies with MED standards at 10 mg of active THC per serving. This has helped cut down on accidental over-ingestion and kept us compliant with the changing regulations.


As you can see, it’s been a long journey for the industry in the two short years since Colorado legalized marijuana, but we’re doing all we can to get our amazing products into your hands in safe, enjoyable, consistent doses. Thank you for trekking along with us and staying loyal to the Billygoat!


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