VICE Magazine names Mountain Meds top contender in Colorado edibles landscape

January 1, 2015

VICE Magazine’s Sam Dean picks a few of his favorites in the Colorado edibles market, including yours truly. Read the full story at VICE.

This company pumps out pastry counter quality goods, like their High Times Cannabis Cup award-winning blueberry pie bar, and the walnut joy coconut chocolate that serves up a potent 300 mg dosage.

Dispensary budtenders—weed counter clerks—can recommend what tastes and “feels” good for a delicious experience, like proper sommeliers. Colorado tourists are limited to purchase a quarter-ounce at retail stores, but MIP makers and dispensary owners are unclear as to how this will apply to buying edibles in 2014. If you’re standing in a long line at a weed shop in Denver today, you can’t smoke inside the shop, toque in the great outdoors, or vaporize at your local bar. Since no big plumes of the kush will be seen out on the streets in honor of this historical moment, edibles wrapped up in the form of candy bars, soda bottles, and puff-pastry are harder to spot from the view of a cop car. Just remember to recycle the wrapper.


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