Walnut Joy Named Among High Times’ “Best Edibles of 2013”

December 30, 2013

Mountain Meds’ Walnut Joy was included among a finely curated group of ten tasty treats which High Times named “Best Edibles of 2013.” Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Inspired by the flavors of an Almond Joy candy bar, this treat from Mountain Medicine is a coconut filled, chocolate covered patty, topped with a walnut and executed wonderfully. This is a near-perfect product, with excellent packaging and label information. Active cannabis is listed at 224 mg, and dosage advice is given as ‘1/2 unit to start and as needed,’ but be more cautious and start with a quarter or eighth of a piece and enjoy! Mountain Medicine also creates high-quality pie bars, peanut butter cups, and drinks like coffee and lemonade, making them a company to watch!”

Read the full story over at High Times.

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