What to Do If You “Overdo It” on Edibles

June 5, 2015

So you took one too many bites, eh? First of all, stay calm! You will be OK (it’s impossible to overdose on edibles. Marijuana is non-toxic to humans and all natural.) But if your edible high has you feeling out of sorts, try one of these four simple steps to help you calm down and gain back your sense of self:

  1. Drink some juice. Orange juice or another fruit juice will accelerate your body’s processing and will help push out high.
  2. Talk a walk or try a change of scenery. Changing your location might draw you out of your confused state and getting a little exercise may help kick in your endorphins which can elevate both your mood and perspective. Don’t overdo it though, some studies have found that intense exercise may heighten a marijuana high.
  3. Eat something. Unless you’re feeling nauseous, eating something can help you feel less irritable (aka “hangry!”) and help you make smarter decisions while coming down off your high.
  4. Try some coffee. While we would never recommend chugging a full pot of coffee (this could cause serious complications or make you feel worse), a cup of caffeine could provide you with enough of a natural “upper” to help you feel more alert and perky.

For more helpful tips like these, check out this Wikihow article on how to safely come down from your high.

To avoid overdoing it in the future, check out our handy guides below. We always recommend starting with a half dose (1-5 mg THC) then moving on from there. Luckily, there are plenty of resources out there to help you figure out how much to ingest. Talk to your dispensary budtender or check out these 8 helpful tips from The Cannabist to help you get the right dose. And remember: never graze and drive!


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